Why work with me

What others
say about me.

For a while I have been asking coachees 3 questions.
1 Describe me in 3 words
2 In which way have I helped you
3 What would you say is unique about my approach

Describe me in 3 words.

‘gentle with strong will’
‘courage with softness’
‘not giving up (persistent, especially in front of a super huge task)’
‘committed, open-hearted, curious, caring, clear’ 
‘perceptive, methodical, challenging’ 
‘authentic, intuitive, insightful’ 

In which way have I helped you.

‘I will always remember how you made me reflect (with courage and softness) about how I had stopped supporting my CEO by giving feedback and just gave up. You only asked me if I was giving him feedback and concluded that I was more going to the easy way of gossiping after I answered. I did not feel attacked at all, it just helped me realize I escaped from my intention of remaining in line with my values. Based on that, I changed and went back to a “feedback attitude” with my CEO and promised myself to remain vigilant in difficult times not to quit my values anymore.’

‘Not giving answers directly and create an atmosphere/environment to recognize directions in myself.’

‘You were encouraging me to trust myself more and also helped me on how to address and solve challenging topics.’  

‘Gino has helped me to generate regular reflections of personal development pulling out certain unexpected aspects of my reflections.  He has provided overall focus and structured the issues to traceable topics.’ 

‘Gino was able to structure my own thoughts and feelings in an actionable manner and most importantly questioned “where am I” in the process. Pushing to really think on your core values. Make them explicit and create foundation.’ 

‘Helped me bring out what’s under the surface of issues or ‘self-talk’ and, after bringing them to my attention, has allowed me to develop different perspectives and learnings.  I’ve judged myself less, trusted myself more, and had more impact.’ 

What would you say is unique about my approach.

‘What comes right now is the picture of a man running a marathon. Accompanying me in a lengthy and deep process from awareness to “digestion”, then initiating the movement of thinking process for the change and finally action.’

‘Analyze inside and find out essential solutions together.’

‘To coach with trust and vulnerability. You start from the strengths in each of us and go from there. What I also liked in your way of working is that you come with a broader frame and angle to bring in a different perspective.’ 

‘Gino is not offering “his way” but focusses on listening. And reflecting. ’ 

‘One of your very strong points is to formulate your observations/reflections and to continuously keep shaping them to make “things” specific, accurately pinpointing things that are fit for improvement. Sometimes confrontational but required when holding the mirror.’ 

‘This isn’t ‘GROW’ model coaching.  This is deeper work, that gets to the emotional root cause, not the behavioral symptoms of challenges in leadership.’