Webinar Series

‘Workaholism’, a refuge … or a fata morgana 

Being a workaholic has been a buzzword for a long time. You were not successful or important if you weren’t busy or on business trips (or travelling on planes) all the time. But the times are changing: executives are now more and more focussing on or trying to achieve a better work/life balance.

The article ‘Manage your Time, not your Energy’ identifies setting priorities and making arrangements with your significant other and your family as a way of improving the balance between work and life.

For a lot of executives, this works. For other executives, this is yet one more idea to try out, only to discard it soon afterwards – unfulfilled. The real issue here is that work is their safe haven, providing structure to life or a way to identify themselves. Taking this identification too far can be a seed of derailment.

This webinar series will help you: 

  • Restore your work/life balance 
  • Regain control over your life 



What is really happening with me

You gain an insight into the ‘how’ and the dynamics of behaviors, without focusing too much on the ‘why’. You take stock and accept ‘as is’.


How did I get here

Understanding how you got here will help you to never go back in the future and to raise awareness around your derailers (people, places, events, etc.).


How does this impact my career and others around me

Regardless of how hard you try to keep your behavior secret, others are impacted and ‘know’. You raise awareness around the impact your behavior has on your career (image, reputation) and others around you. You are honest about your current life and relationships.


How can I get hold on myself

You gain a deeper understanding of resources and methods available to regain control over your life. You figure out what works for you.


Failing to plan is planning to fail

You make plans for your future and redesign your life in order to get back – and stay – on track, in full control over your life.


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