My story


After entertaining my dark side for many years, I can now confidently say that I am ready to help you. 

I have been there, I have done it, I got the scars and I worked hard to face, and befriend, my demons. 

My story.

Who am I? 

My name is Gino. Named after Gino Bartali, the famous Italian cyclist. Fully fledged Belgian though. Born in a blue-collar family. Joined by two younger siblings. Around the kitchen table at home, two worlds came together: the world of the ‘workers’ through my father and his family and the world of the ‘entrepreneurs’ through my mother and her family. This supposed ‘collision’ intrigued me, because – regardless of Marx and Ford – I soon realized that one cannot go without the other. It was there that the seed of my later career and passion – helping people and businesses grow – was planted. 

The world I grew up in was challenging: it was extravert, it was ‘big boys don’t cry’, it was YOYO (You are On Your Own)’, it was ‘you don’t do emotions and you definitely don’t talk about them’. I quickly realized that I was responsible for my own happiness and mental survival. I learned to navigate through life by focusing on others, because making others happy got me the recognition I needed and craved. It was there that the seed of my derailment was planted – in focusing entirely on others, I alienated from myself. 

In 2017, with the help of my then wife, I realized that my derailers had taken over. I needed her help to see that I was drowning in self-centeredness. That my life was out of control. Even though I had some understanding of what I was doing was destructive (to my wife, the kids, my family, others and myself), I was unable to stop this behavior by myself. Oh yes, I tried a few times but it was as if my demons grew stronger in the meantime and hit me harder after each period of ‘abstination’. I was full of guilt and shame. As a result I started working harder and withdrew from social contact. Workaholism became my refuge.

I thought nobody noticed until I was made aware of my behavior and excess self-focus. With the help of my nearest and dearest, and their unwavering support and warmth, I started the process of self-searching and found my path back. Today I’m living life on life’s terms. 

How can I help you?

I have my private practice where I mainly work with male leaders.

I am an Executive Coach at different business schools – such as INSEAD, CEDEP, Vlerick, TIAS and ESMT – and a guest lecturer at CEDEP, TIAS and ABS.

I am also passionate about helping Executive teams and Boards getting their organizations through transformations. In these transformations my main focus is on the people and how to motivate them to move in a new direction.

It is my mission to help increase the positive impact that male leaders have on their environment. Discover the different ways in which I can help you.

Why work with me?

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